What To Expect from Oral Surgery

Well, it finally happened, your dentist informed you that you will need oral surgery to resolve the dental issues you are currently facing. The thought of oral surgery can be a little scary for some people. We will go over a couple of different common procedures performed by oral surgeons and what to expect.

Oral Surgery Dentist in El Paso, TX

Oral Surgery Procedures

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure that is necessary to resolve severe trauma or decay to a tooth that is now falling out or needs to be removed to avoid infection. A simple extraction can be used to remove a tooth that is still visible above the gumline. Teeth that are no longer visible above the gumline may need to undergo surgical extraction to remove the tooth completely. Surgical extractions also typically use stitches to close the wound for healing. Wisdom teeth also usually need to be surgically extracted because of half erupted or impacted teeth.


Prosthodontics covers a range of aesthetic dental procedures. Reshaping a tooth to accept a crown, bridges, veneers, and surgically inserting dental implants into the jaw to serve as a foundation for artificial teeth or dentures are all included as prosthodontic surgical procedures.

Preparing for Oral Surgery

If you are currently facing oral surgery, there are some things you can do to prepare for the day. Here Dyer Dental Care, we want you to be completely prepared and informed with the best information possible. This may require additional X-rays in order to have a deeper understanding of bone structure, decay, or anything else that the X-rays may tell us.

Our doctor and staff will review your medical history and make sure that you are a good candidate for oral surgery. So make sure to let them know of any medical complications you may have. Also, if you are getting sedation make sure you have a ride to and from the dental office.

Ask Us About Oral Surgery!

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