New Year, New Dental Insurance Benefits

As the new year begins, many of our beloved dental patients are looking forward to their NEW INSURANCE BENEFITS! What an exciting start for 2023. Our El Paso dentist is here with some helpful insight to help you navigate your way through the new year!

With the new year here it’s time to take advantage of your updated benefits! Schedule an appointment now and our knowledgeable team will provide you with a comprehensive dental exam. We’ll work together to ensure that we get the most out of your dental plan before it renews in January – don’t miss this opportunity for quality care at no extra cost!

New Year, New Dental Insurance Benefits - Dyer Dental Care
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Maximize Your Insurance Coverage and Make the Most of This Year!

Now is a great opportunity to remind our patients of all the fantastic dental insurance benefits that will be available in 2023. For some, their maximum coverage for the year has been renewed – providing complete coverage! Others may have switched over to an entirely different plan. Insurance is such a valuable tool and can drastically reduce out-of-pocket costs when taking care of both your teeth and your wallet this year. Let’s ensure you and your family get the full benefit from these plans!

Are you wondering what qualifies as preventative dentistry? Do you need clarification about deductibles or how much coverage is included in the policy period? Let Dyer Dental Care help you answer these questions so that all of your doubts are cleared up!

When does my dental insurance renew?

As the new year begins, it is essential to double-check your dental insurance plan before making an appointment with our El Paso dentists. Simply call the customer service number on the back of your card and ask about coverage for 2023. Remember that in some cases, policy dates may have changed from what was initially established, so make sure you are aware of any discrepancies! Now is a great time to get ahead by confirming these important details early in 2023!

To avoid any surprises in the future, it is critical to communicate with your employer about when your insurance coverage became active and its renewal date. Commonly, renewals occur on the 1st of January every year; however, exceptions can arise for long-term contractors. Double-check these details before you miss out on possible benefits!

What is an annual maximum?

Planning ahead is a savvy way to maximize your dental insurance benefits. Depending on your plan type and when your annual benefit period begins, your provider usually allows up to a certain amount per year for any needed dentistry work. Keep in mind that if these funds are not used, they will not accumulate–so make sure every cent counts! Now is the time to take advantage of all available resources or risk losing them forever.

How do deductibles work?

Before your dental insurance can cover the cost of treatments, you must meet a financial prerequisite known as a deductible. This is critical for activating coverage and beginning your journey toward tranquility. Generally, teeth cleanings or preventive care do not require you to pay the full deductibles; however, restorative or cosmetic dentistry requires otherwise.

To keep your oral health in peak condition, it is essential to book visits with your dentist regularly. If you adhere to the 6-month rule and have a dental plan that renews annually on January 1st, then for one year, visit twice within the span of twelve months: once during January and again towards December. The following year will require three appointments instead; alternating between both January and December. Bear this routine in mind so as not to miss out when crossing deductible limits anew!

What is considered preventive dental care?

Don’t miss out on the greatest advantages of your dental plan – book an appointment for a teeth cleaning and oral exam every six months! Not only will you receive full coverage for preventive dentistry services such as x-rays, but even sealants are fully covered by most insurance companies. Make sure that you take advantage of these savings opportunities today; don’t delay – make your appointment now!

Taking the time to schedule a preventive dental visit with us is of the utmost importance for your oral health. Our experienced team will carefully examine any signs of gum disease and alert you right away if anything arises that requires more attention. Moreover, our proactive approach can actually detect potential warning signs before they become expensive treatments due to poor hygiene habits, saving you both money and stress in the long run!

Take advantage of your renewed insurance benefits and the New Year!

Now is the perfect time to schedule your dental check-up, with additional appointment openings due to recent modifications in insurance policies. Contact us promptly if you have recently switched plans so we can make adjustments to our records immediately. Don’t let this opportunity for a regular exam pass by!

This period gives you the advantage of being able to easily schedule an appointment that fits your own timeline, with fewer slots already occupied. The extra time between visits also provides you with a chance to ask any questions or voice any concerns, so that you can feel confident and comfortable about what is taking place.

As 2023 officially begins, seize this incredible opportunity to maximize your dental insurance benefits and attend to any essential oral health treatments. January 1 marks a new beginning for your coverage, meaning you can get all the care that you need in one go! You won’t want to miss out on these valuable rewards — act fast so that you don’t waste them before they expire. Take advantage of this remarkable chance now and consult with your dentist about what needs attending for the rest of the year!

Catch dental problems early before they become costly

Making proactive choices concerning your dental care now can save you money in the long run. Even when tooth decay has not yet caused any pain, it may have already worsened significantly. If you plan regular examinations and cleaning sessions with your dentist, potential issues will be detected early on; this way, fast solutions such as fillings are possible instead of more costly treatments like root canals later!

Ask us anything!

Don’t let confusion about your insurance cripple you from visiting Pershing Family Dental! Our staff will happily provide all the details for you. Existing and potential patients alike can contact us or click the button below to set up an appointment where we’ll go over insurance eligibility in depth. Don’t put it off any longer – take advantage of our expertise today by scheduling with Pershing Family Dental now!

Make oral health a priority this year!

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