New Technological Advances in Dentistry & The New Texas Tech Dental School in El Paso, TX

Healthcare advances every year as dental technologies are leveraged for happy and healthier patients. As dentistry looks to the future, huge benefits are being reaped by dental patients, making going to the dentist easier and faster as every passing decade goes by. All of these technological advances in dentistry means more comfort and more accessibility to oral health and bright new smiles!

Dental Technology in El Paso, TX

New Technological Innovations in Dentistry

Recently in China, the first oral surgery was performed by a robot. A robot inserted 2 dental implants into a human mouth under the supervision of a team of dentist. Some research is also being done on how to get AI to take oral X-rays and past dental history and quickly diagnose a patient’s dental issues. New advancements in stem cell technology is helping other scientist grow dental pulp to help stimulate the growth of dentin on decayed teeth, and bring them back to life. There are also many new advancements being made with lasers in dental diagnosis and surgery now.

​New Dental Technologies Used by Dyer Dental Care

Not only have new technological innovations made going to the dentist more efficient, but more natural looking for our patients as well. No longer is the dentist a place to be feared, but a place to feel comfortable and in control of your oral health and over-all health. Here are some of the new technologies being used here at Dyer Dental Care in El Paso, TX:

Digital X-rays
There are many ways that new digital X-rays are superior to old film ones. Not only are they overwhelmingly faster than traditional X-rays, they also emit 70% less radiation. Clearly making them the safest choice for dentists and patients. They also have 3D viewing capabilities, which makes the diagnosis & treatment process even faster and more straightforward for dental health professionals.

You might have seen Invisalign in television or web advertisements recently. Invisalign is a a clear brace used to straighten your teeth. They are virtually invisible, and allow you to take of the aligner trays to brush, floss, and eat. So you won’t have to restrict any foods like with unsightly metal braces. They are thermo-formed in a lab to help you straighten out your teeth with a series of custom aligners over a period of months.

​Dental Implants
With dental implants, the root of your teeth is replaced by a titanium screw, which provides a stable foundation for a crown, bridge, or denture. Since dental implants are made from titanium, which is a bio-compatible material, they help to stimulate bone growth around the implant. This bonds the implant to the jaw bone and is why dental implants have a 97% success rate.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening
Our state-of-the-art teeth whitening treatment gives our patients fast an easy results. In just 1 hour Zoom! Teeth Whitening can brighten your teeth up to 8 shades lighter. It uses a patented UV light to break up plaque and discoloration of the surface of your teeth.

New TTU HSC Dental School in El Paso, TX

The demand for new dental technologies has also brought about the emergence of a new dental school in El Paso, TX. This new dental school named The Hunt School of Dental Medicine, will be available to students at Texas Tech University with it’s first class starting in 2021. 

We congratulate Texas Tech University and the El Paso community for this great achievement, and we look forward to all the bright young dental professionals that will be coming out of this new school!

New Tech Makes Dental Treatment More Accessible

Thanks to all of the advancements in dental technology, you can wave goodbye to all the old painful and uncomfortable technologies of the past. Say hello to more accessible and more affordable treatment options of the future as each new advancement emerges. We don’t know about you, but we here at Dyer Dental Care look forward to every new technological advancement and school that comes out with open arms and open minds.

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