Benefits of Family Dentistry

Family dentistry provides dental care for patients at every stage of life. Dyer Dental Care in El Paso, TX can handle the different needs of every individual from baby teeth to dentures. Like general dentistry, family dentistry provides dental care for adults, but we can also provide expert care for pediatric patients as well. From toddlers to senior citizens, our dentist and staff move quickly between patients, providing the appropriate treament options for the best outcomes for everyone in the family.


Because we are equiped to handle comprehensive dental care treatment for every member of the household, you will not have to drive to different locations at different times of the week. We can schedule your whole family to come in all at once, depending on availability, to give you more time to spend with your loved ones. No longer will you have to worry about different dentists handling your families oral health.

Early Detection

Since we make it more convenient for you to visit our dental office for regular check ups and teeth cleanings, we’ll be able to provide you with early detection of any forms of periodontal disease. Our state of the art examinations, x-rays, and computer modeling will give us the information we need to detect irregularities in teeth and jaw bones early before disease can set in.


Our friendly dental staff will also be able to instruct every member of your family on daily oral care, toothbrush and toothpaste selection, diet and many other dental considerations for best oral care. Our highly educated and trained staff can patiently answer any questions your family members might have concerning oral hygiene, dental procedures, and treatment options. The more educated your children are early on in life can determine the quality of their oral hygiene habits throughout their lifetime.

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