The health of your bones and gums will be heavily reliant on periodic three month maintenance visits, brushing, proxa brushing, flossing and following these recommendations.

The reason for this is that periodontal disease must be controlled. Your disease is caused by plaque (bacteria) accumulations, and your susceptibility to the plaque by-products. This susceptibility will never dissappear. In order to prevent a recurrence of your problem, we must work together.

Three months is the approximate interval during which relatively harmless plaque grows into an aggressive, destructive form of plaque, and calculus (tartar). We recommend the three month interval for your maintenance visits because long term studies demonstrates this to be the most safe and effective recall treatment interval. At these recall visits, we will debride any calculus, plaque, stain deposits, review your oral hygiene, and evaluate your periodontal treatment which the Hygienist will provided.

Remember, be conscientious and follow these recommendations and a lifetime of beautiful, white and healthy teeth can be yours!